Costa Hawkins Letter

Repealling the Costa Hawkins Rental Housing Act will allow local governments to set their own eviction rules instead of being forced to rely on the state statutes. Read the details on AB 1506 and tell your rep what you want done about it. We prepared links and editable letter below.

AB 1506 Bloom, Chiu and Bonta, Residential rent control: Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act. The Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act prescribes statewide limits on the application of local rent control with regard to residential properties. AB 1506 would repeal that act. The Bill is stalled in the Housing and Community Development Committee that is chaired by David Chiu. Chiu claims he supports this bill. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors just voted to support it. Contact David Chiu and Anthony Rendon to request they move the bill forward.

Chair of Assembly Housing Committee David Chiu (916) 319-2085
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Speaker of the Assembly Anthony Rendon (916)319-2063
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Sample script or letter:

We join with the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in support of AB B 1506, authored by Assembleymember Bloom, that would repeal Costa Hawkins and urge Assemblymember Chiu and Speaker Anthony Rendon to pass the bills out of the  Community Development Committee.