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Mayor Ed Lee –
Board of Supervisors –
Hillary Ronen , District Supervisor –
Aaron Peskin, District Supervisor –
Malia Cohen, District Supervisor –
Ahsha Safai, District Supervisor –
Jane Kim, District Supervisor –
Katy Tang, District Supervisor –
London Breed, District Supervisor –
Norman Yee, District Supervisor –
Sandra Fewer, District Supervisor –
Mark Farrell, District Supervisor –
Jeff Sheehy, District Supervisor –

February 26, 2017

Dear Mayor and Supervisors,

RE: SFMTA decision on the Shuttle Bus plan

We appreciate the Board’s support for a new solution to the Shuttle Bus problems, and the resolution urging the SFMTA Board of Directors to revise the permanent commuter shuttle program that is wreaking havoc with many of our small streets and Muni operations.

Please oppose state legislation to amend the vehicle code to make operation of private carriers in public bus stops legal. We need to send a strong message to Sacramento that the San Francisco Board of Supervisors gives priority to the safe and efficient of our public transit systems. We do not need special rules to override state policies. Please continue to insist that the SFMTA takes the public interest into consideration and continue to support the hub system, regardless of the SFMTA determination to ignore the public.


Grateful San Francisco Citizens



2 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. San Francisco leaders have listened to the public, and I am one of the many. Thank you. Restoring free parking was, and will always be, the right thing to do.


  2. Finally some good news for San Francisco residents and visitors! Restoring “no meter enforcement” on Sundays makes sense and is an appropriate action by San Francisco elected officials. Thanks.


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