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May 24, 2017

To above referenced San Francisco City Officials:

re: PUC Report on Groundwater Hearing at The Board of Supervisors’ Public Safety and Neighborhood Services Committee

We are concerned about the safety and the health of the citizens of San Francisco who may be effected by the adding of groundwater into Hetch Hetchy water for human consumption, referred to as “the blend”. We assume that there will be a lot of discussion and concerns expressed on this issue where the health and well-fare of our citizens is concerned. We mention all citizens of San Francisco, because regardless of where we may reside or work, and spend most of our time, we all travel freely about the city and may at any time drink the blend without formal notice. “The Blend” effects us all equally as the claim that we have the best purest Hetch Hetchy water in our taps will no longer apply once there is a “blend.”

I will leave it up to others to delve into the many reasons for concerns over the health implications for those with compromised immune systems and chemical sensitivities, and bring up related legal matters. For some time the City has been boasting about the purity of our Hetch Hetchy drinking water and creating tools to encourage the drinking of tap water by charging extra for bottled water and even making it difficult for people to obtain and travel with bottles in some areas or situations around our city parks and properties.

I am going to request a roll-back on those legal tools as the claims they were based on are no longer valid when we establish “The Blend”. I refer to the “deposits” on bottles and other city-ordinances that no longer apply. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t force people to drink impure tap water or punish them with fees and fines for going back to bottled water. This could be especially important for health clinics and hospitals that will have to spend more on bottled water or risk feeding their patients a potentially unhealthy dose of pesticides and other chemicals that may make San Francisco hospitals and health clinics less popular without the pure Hetch Hetchy water.

Please re-consider the need to “Blend” during a record rainfall year. Also please reconsider the need to sell our water. As some have stated, or will I suspect, no matter how safe we think we are in setting our exposure limits today, in all likelihood those limits will be reset over time. We have no idea what the safe limits will be until we see some results.

Look at how the artificial turf argument has changed since the City sold it to the public. The state is now taking on studies of the product that was approved and passed the EIR standards we had in place. Now it appears the state will most likely require we remove the artificial turf and replace it with natural grass within a couple of years

Many people feel that the rush to “blend” is based on the rush to build. If this is so, what else must we compromise in order to become a “World Class” city that surpasses Manhattan or Hong Kong in size and density? Do we want to outgrow our water supply? How many people are too many for this land to support? Where are those limits going to be set and by whom? We will need a bigger landfill to handle all the empty water bottles that people will be drinking from soon. Where is the plan for that?


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Concerned Citizen

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