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Oppose SB 827

Contacts for your letter or comments to the City Hall authorities are below. The next anticipated meetings and opportunities to speak on this matter are Thursday, March 15 at the Planning Commission, and Tuesday, March 20 at the Board of Supervisors Meeting.

Contacts list:


To:  Mayor Mark Farrell, Board of Supervisors, and Planning Department officials and staff:

re: Strong opposition to Scott Weiner’s SB 827 to be heard and commented on at the Land Use and Transportation Committee Meeting on Tuesday and Planning Commissions Meeting on Thursday of this week.

I would like to join with many of your constituents and urge you to support Aaron Peskin’s resolution to oppose SB 827 at the Land Use Committee Meeting and the Full Board Meeting on Tuesday. We feel that many of the Planning Department’s concerns are valid and the amendments being offered have not changed the overall intent of state overriding local government powers.

While the Land Use and Transportation Committee did not formally recommend opposing SB 827 and took the optimistic position that its flaws can be remedied, I urge the Planning Commission and the full Board of Supervisors to oppose its draconian gutting of local planning, design, open space, and housing development controls.

Any attempts to remedy this bill or enforce many of its supposed protections are pipe dreams. Please vote to kill SB 827 to send a strong message to Sacramento that our communities are not for sale. Our state representatives need to take care of their business and stay out of ours.


Concerned citizen of San Francisco

A sample letter opposing SB 827 was written by The Marina Community Association: SB827letter

The latest amendments to SB 828 are here

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