Potrero Avenue Plans

This is big folks. Please start emailing the SFMTA Board of Directors and supervisors and Mayor re: the following and spread the word.

My sample letter to Ms. Scanlon, HIllary Ronen, and her aides requesting a continuance and public information on the matter. Please include your supervisors and the mayor if you can. Sign with your name if you like.


June 16, 2017

SUBJECT: Request for Continuance on Item 12: Potrero Traffic Modifications at SFMTA Board Meeting on June 20

TO: Hillary Ronen (hillary.ronen@sfgov.org), Carolyn Goossen (carolyn.goossen@sfgov.org), Nathan Allbee (nathan.allbee@sfgov.org), Carolina Morales (carolina.morales@sfgov.org), Olivia Scanlon (olivia.scanlon@sfgov.org), MTABoard (MTAboard@sfmta.com), SFDPW (mohammed.nuru@sfdpw.org), Malia Cohen (Malia.Cohen@sfgov.org), Roberta Boomer (roberta.boomer@sfmta.com)

Supervisor Hillary Ronen,

This week it came to my attention that the SFMTA has plans to install medians and trees near the entrance to General Hospital on Potrero Avenue in a manner that will impede vehicles from easily accessing the hospital. This is particularly concerning to the Fire Department and other emergency responders, who were not aware of this plan and did not sign off on it, even though it may impede their ability to do their jobs of saving lives in a fast and expedient manner. I believe you may hear from the Fire Department today.

As you will hear from residents on Potrero SFMTA has admitted to making a number of mistakes with regard to management of this major project. This is one of at least two major projects that we are aware of that are not being handled well by the SFMTA.

A number of concerns have been raised by residents who live in the vicinity in addition to this major one of vehicle access to the hospital. Please note that not all emergencies require an ambulance or fire brigade. Many people in distress drive themselves or get a ride to the hospital to save money. They need the same access as other emergency vehicles. Taxis often are called to the task and used to be a major part of the para-transit system.

Rather than go into a lot of details here, as I know you are getting bombarded by letters from neighbors and concerned citizens today, I request that you put in a request to the SFMTA to do to three things.

1. Continue the hearing on item 12A-H until the Fire Department and other city agencies who may have been overlooked have a chance to review and comment on the project. Details on that hearing and item in question:

Tuesday, June 20, 2017 1 PM – agenda
Room 400 City Hall SFMTA Board Meeting

re: Item 12 A-H Approving various parking and traffic modifications as part of the Potrero Avenue Streetscape Improvement Project should be Continued until the emergency responders are given a time to review and respond to the new revised project.

2. Request that the SFMTA update their agenda ASAP to reflect the changes they claim they have made to agenda items when they are made. They are claiming they cannot amend the agenda, although we know that other departments amend their agendas all the time. The SFMTA staff is also giving people bad information regarding the process they should go through to have their concerns aired and send in comments etc. Staff is wasting the public’s time and adding to their workload by refusing to amend the agenda. In this case, the agenda is for a meeting that is over a week away so this is not a last-minute agenda item. If they have printed them, they can at least change the on-line information.

In order to stop this manic last-minute confusion and constant claims of NO NOTICE, we are requesting help in fixing the problems the public is having with SFMTA. We can get into the weeds of this after we deal with the immediate problem of fixing the Potrero Avenue project.

Thanks for your time and understanding.


(name) Concerned Citizen

cc: Olivia, Carolina, Carolyn, Nathan, MTABoard, SFDPW, Mali Cohen