SFMTA Budget Priorities


Write the Mayor, Board of Supervisors, and Director Ed Reiskin. Let them know that you oppose the half cent sales tax and further funding that will allow the SFMTA to continue disrupting the flow of traffic on San Francisco streets. All funds should be limited to operating and maintaining Muni instead of raising Muni rates, fees and fines.

SFMTA needs new priorities. They are holding public meetings and taking suggestions so let’s give them ours. Details on meetings and hearings and how to comment are here: https://metermadness.wordpress.com/2016/03/12/voice-your-thoughts-on-billion-dollar-sfmta-budget/

Email recipients:
Edwin Lee, Mayor – MayorEdwinLee@sfgov.org
Ed Reiskin, MTA Director of Transportation: ed.reiskin@sfmta.com
Secretary of the Board of Supervisors: board.of.supervisors@sfgov.org
David Campos , District Supervisor – David.Campos@sfgov.org
Aaron Peskin, District Supervisor – Aaron.Peskin@sfgov.org
Malia Cohen, District Supervisor – Malia.Cohen@sfgov.org
John Avalos, District Supervisor – John.Avalos@sfgov.org
Jane Kim, District Supervisor – Jane.Kim@sfgov.org
Katy Tang, District Supervisor – Katy.Tang@sfgov.org
London Breed, District Supervisor – London.Breed@sfgov.org
Norman Yee, District Supervisor – Norman.Yee.Bos@sfgov.org
Eric Mar, District Supervisor – Eric.L.Mar@sfgov.org
Mark Farrell, District Supervisor – Mark.Farrell@sfgov.org
Scott Wiener, District Supervisor – Scott.Wiener@sfgov.org

Sample letter:


Mayor Ed Lee, Ed Reiskin, and Board of Supervisors:

re: Sales tax, parcel tax, gasoline tax and other regressive taxes.

We respectfully request that you do not support the half cent sales tax and further funding from Prop K  and other sources that will allow the SFMTA to continue disrupting the flow of traffic on San Francisco streets. All funds should be limited to operating and maintaining Muni instead of raising Muni rates, and fines.

These regressive taxes will kill what little business is left and lead to a greater costs of living for everyone.

We support San Francisco transit, but do not support the expansion of a transit development process that has become insular and non-responsive to the neighborhood residents and businesses that pay for it.

The SFMTA should pay the bills is has already accrued before taking on any more public debt based on the assumption that the voters will support a higher sales tax.

The SFMTA has become substantially non-responsive to address neighborhood and business concerns on the costly new problematic transit projects on Lombard, Geary, Van Ness, Taraval, Masonic, and Potrero to name a few. The writing of the ordinances and the notices is also problematic for a number of reasons.

We are seeing mistakes and confusing titles on official documents that are inaccurate, and do not adequately describe the scope of work to be done. These badly written documents are resulting in mistakes being made by the public when people frame their appeals to the Board of Supervisors and the Board of Appeals. The SFMTA appears to be using these mistakes as grounds to deny the appeals. This is a serious matter that needs to be investigated.

After seeing the horrific job they did on mission Street, neighborhoods and merchants all over town are furious and want no more street improvements. We will oppose all new taxes and funding for SFMTA until a hearing is set on rolling back the red carpet on Mission Street, starting with removal of the forced turns, and an independent study on the economic impacts is conducted and the effects on businesses are taken into consideration.

We do not support a resolution that incurs billions of dollars in debt over decades to support a non-responsive city agency that is already spending hundreds of millions on problematic projects.

Please withhold your support.


Concerned Citizen