Shuttle Solutions

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Director Reiskin and SFMTA Board and staff:

re:  We agree with the statements sent by others who oppose the Shuttle Bus program now in place and support a Hub System.

Some of the problems with the Commuter Shuttle Program that should be corrected:

1. Establishing a hub system as a first test: Many reasonable suggestions for places to establish shuttle hubs have been ignored and should be revisited by city officials if the SFMTA Board continues to ignore them. Many people who claim they would drive will prefer the hub system.

2. Take shuttle off of 24th Street in Noe Valley and 16th Street in the Mission: I have observed the invasion on 24th Street in Noe Valley. I no longer frequent the neighborhood I used to live in. Business  turnover is constant. The shuttles do not belong on that Street. The other one I am most familiar with is 16th Street. There are only two routes that connects the Bay to the rest of the city that cross both 101 and 280 and those are 16th Street and Cesar Chavez. Those should be flowing freely all the time to allow emergency vehicles to get through. They are both congested and now the department is planning to take on down 16th for construction while adding more hospital shuttles to it. Keep the big tech shuttle off those streets. Keep those streets open without obstructions.

3. Enforce California Vehicle Code 22500 that prohibits private carriers from parking in public bus stops: Quit forcing San Francisco to accept more experiments on our streets that go against state and federal codes. Those codes are in place for a reason. The streets are less safe and more congested than ever due to the street experiments. Why do you think the voters did not approve the sales tax? They got the message that you are not listening to their demands to curtail the street projects.

4. Housing impact studies have not been done by SFMTA as requested: Neighborhood groups and some Supervisors have demanded housing impact studies be done by SFMTA to determine the effects the stops are having on the rents in the areas near the Shuttle stops to determine whether or not they are resulting in higher rents as claimed by citizen groups who have done their own impact reports. This is your job. Do it.

5. Tech buses in or near Muni stops are putting pedestrians and Muni riders at risk: The drivers of the buses and shuttles can’t see the pedestrians scrambling to get on and off the Muni when there are so many large vessels parked in one area. Children, the elderly and disabled are especially at risk, but anyone is if the drivers can’t see them.

6. The fees do not cover the costs associated with the huge tech shuttles on our city streets: Higher fees would cover better tracking of the program and the associated higher enforcement costs. The shuttles are oversized and too heavy for most of our city streets. They should be charged the higher weight fees that trucks pay to cover the damage to our streets and these fees should be used to fix the potholes they are making worse.

7. Potholes are dangerous and costly for everyone: Failure to repair the streets is damaging all the public and private vehicles, and putting pedestrians and cyclists in a much more dangerous situation than the broken sidewalks the city is so fast to point out to land owners to repair. Falling in a street is much worse than falling on a sidewalk. It happened to me and I am lucky I was not hit.

SFMTA and San Francisco should quit paying lobbyists to write laws to overturn the state and federal laws that they object to that benefit the corporate interests that they are associated with. Taxpayer dollars should not be used against the will or the good of the people of San Francisco. All state laws under consideration should be discussed in public before a decision is made in our behalf.

Attempts to override 22500 have so far failed. Quit breaking the law and stop the street experiments. The list of bills that are under consideration that are known to us so far are: AB 1, AB 28, AB 65, AB 87, AB 342, We are aware of a few others that do not have numbers yet.


Concerned San Francisco Citizen

cc: Mayor Ed Lee, Board of Supervisors and staff