Taraval Plan

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“Subject:”  Save Our L Taraval Stops & Approve Only a Six-Month Pilot Program

“To” Line:  MTABoard@sfmta.com

“Cc” Line:  mayoredwinlee@sfgov.org, katy.tang@sfgov.org, norman.yee@sfgov.org, roberta.boomer@sfmta.com, saveourLtaravalstops@gmail.com

(If your email to the MTA Board or Board secretary Roberta Boomer bounces back, re-send it and let us know.)

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Dear Members of the SFMTA Board of Directors:

I oppose the removal of any L Taraval stops and urge you to amend the proposed L Taraval Rapid Project to delete the item rescinding these stops.  (If you are losing your stop, tell them what stop it is and why it is important that you keep your stop.  Explain how removing stops increases travel time and will be a hardship for seniors, the disabled, families with toddlers, shoppers with grocery bags, and many others, as well as your personal reasons for wanting to keep all our L stops. If there are any other specific proposals you oppose, mention those also.)

I oppose any final vote at your meeting on September 20.

Instead, I urge you to amend the proposed L Taraval Rapid Project to make the early implementation features – but with keeping our L Taraval stops – a six-month pilot program as you did on Dolores Street, to give both the community and SFMTA an opportunity to experience and evaluate all of the changes, followed by community input and revised proposals before final Board approval, before any construction, and before spending $20 million on this project.


Concerned Citizen,

(your name)