Van Ness BRT


December 12, 2016

Dear Supervisors/Board Members of the SF County Transportation Authority:

Re: Effect of cutting Trees on the Environment is of major concern to the scientific community. Why San Francisco is ignoring the science is a mystery to me. It appears that we are creating a problem so our city agencies will have a problem to solve.

The USDA Forest Service and the Center for Global Development have done extensive studies and conducted a lot of tests to determine the effects cutting trees has on the environment. They reached the conclusion that “Deforestation harms the atmosphere by releasing a carbon stock and reversing a carbon flow”. It has also been determined that mature trees hold a lot more carbon than young trees which is why there is a tremendous effort to preserve the forests we have.

Which brings us to the issue of the EIR. Did the EIR take into account all the additional carbon emissions from the cutting and digging while the trees are being cut and releasing their carbon into the air? Is there a mitigation planned to handle this problem? Does the EIR take into account the years without the carbon-capturing trees before they reach maturity? Do these environmental impacts show up in the report?

What about the cumulative effect of cutting all the trees on the other streets and the trees in the native habitat forests?

The Van Ness Corridor plan we last reviewed will lower carbon sequestering for years, while emitting tons of emissions into the air. The new trees they plan to plant will not begin to replace the mature trees for decades. They will not even get around to planting the trees for years, so by killing hundreds of trees and creating traffic jams and slowing traffic, they are adding tons of additional carbon into the air that would exist if the trees were left alone.

Now multiply this by hundreds or thousands of other trees that are also planned for eradication and you have some “planned” bad air quality for San Francisco in the years ahead unless we stop the plan now.

Concerned Citizen






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