Grass roots opposition to SB 828 and AB 2923 mounts

By Richard Eber : capoliticalreview.- excerpt

Opposition within the legislature has been minimal in passing various bills intended to streamline the permit process to build so called affordable housing. However, not all the natives are pleased. Battle lines are being drawn in suburbia to fight “Big Brother” in Sacramento when they will be trying to enforce SB 828 and AB 2923 in the coming years.

It comes down to a case of “It’s not fair” that ordinarily refers to children complaining about their parents making them perform disagreeable tasks. Here it is reflected in a grass root political movement of outraged citizens fighting progressive government in Sacramento.

With the ink barely dry from Governor Jerry Brown signing SB 828 and AB 2923 into law, a similar out cry of protests is coming from communities throughout California. A lot of folks are upset by state taking urban planning decisions away from locals and giving them to unaccountable bureaucratic regional agencies they don’t directly vote for.

The purpose of these bills is to encourage the construction of much needed affordable housing by ignoring local zoning laws and streamlining the permit process. An outcry is being heard from cities who are unhappy with the impact these new construction will have on traffic, law enforcement, congestion, schools, recreational facilities and the availability of scare water resources… (more)


San Francisco Seeks To Implement Recently Signed Conservatorship Bill

CBSLocal – excerpt (includes video)

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A bill signed by Gov. Jerry Brown last week will allow for San Francisco to create new conservatorship programs for severely mentally ill people to get them off city streets and into treatment.

Thursday, Sen. Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco, and Assemblymember David Chiu, D-San Francisco, joined Mayor London Breed to discuss the next steps in implementing Senate Bill 1045, which aims to provide housing and services for individuals who can’t care for themselves.

“This bill is a significant step forward in taking a new approach to the epidemics of mental illness and severe drug addiction that we see playing out in our streets every day and not just in San Francisco, but in cities throughout this state,” Wiener said. “It is not progressive or compassionate to just sit by while people unravel and ultimately die on our streets.”… (more)

MTA Allows Overnight RV Parking in SF Outer Mission

By Phil Matier : KPIX5 – excerpt (includes video)

It was a victory for RV dwellers in one San Francisco neighborhood but it’s not sitting well for nearby homeowners. Phil Matier reports… (more)

San Francisco ranks No. 1 in US in property crime

: sfchronicle – excerpt

It’s official: Your backpack, laptop, tablet or phone — or the vehicle in which you left all these things behind — are more likely to catch the fancy of a thief in San Francisco than any other major metropolis in the country.

FBI data released last week show the city had the highest per-capita rate of property crimes among the 20 most populous U.S. cities in 2017, tallying 6,168 crimes per 100,000 people. That’s about 148 burglaries, larcenies, car thefts and arsons per day.

San Francisco’s property crimes spiked from the previous year, shooting up from about 47,000 in 2016 to 54,000 in 2017.

Los Altos, Danville and Los Gatos had the three lowest rates of violent crime among California’s 245 cities with a population of at least 30,000 people. Each reported zero murders and fewer than 20 rapes, robberies and aggravated assaults for all of 2017… (more)

Looks like we are not imagining it. San Francisco is not only one of the worst major traffic nightmares in the country, but it now can claim to be the property crime capital as well. Lose those famous views and what do we have left to offer tourists other than a peak into their future if they follow our leads? What next? Ask the candidates running for office how they plan to fix the problem. And offer suggestions to the Mayor and our Supervisors. Contacts

Maybe we should quit complaining about how Los Altos, Danville and Los Gatos  conduct their business and consider emulating what they are doing right?

S.F. Supervisors Water Down Controversial Rent Control Resolution

By Nuala Sawyer : sfweekly – excerpt

Supervisors Ahsha Safai and Katy Tang amended the resolution expressing support for Prop. 10, eliminating rent-control for single-family homes and new units.

It’s been 20 days since the Board of Supervisors spent a painful 49 minutes debating the pros and cons of Proposition 10, a state ballot measure that would repeal the decades-old Costa-Hawkins. Under Costa-Hawkins, local jurisdictions are blocked from creating their own rent-control laws; in San Francisco, that means there’s currently no way to move our rent-control date forward from 1979, to create vacancy control, or to provide housing relief for spouses of leaseholders who’ve passed away.

It’s in the hands of voters this November, but a symbolic resolution to express San Francisco’s support of Prop. 10 was last put forth to the Board of Supervisors by Supervisor Aaron Peskin… Supervisors Katy Tang and Ahsha Safai both sit on that committee and voted not to support Prop. 10 earlier this month…

But today they changed their mind… sort of. They both voted that they would support the resolution, but only if amendments were made guaranteeing that if Costa-Hawkins were repealed single-family homes would be exempt from rent control, and new units could only be rent controlled pending an economic assessment…(more)

More small property owners may support the repeal if they trust the Board of Suprvisors but, it may be too late to save Prop 10 in the November ballot given all the money being spent against it.

Let’s keep in mind that :”Prop. 10 itself doesn’t do anything other than give local governments the right to design their own rent control measures.” The Board should probably wait till after the election to see who the voters put in office next and whether or not San Francisco voters approve the repeal.


Mayor prepared to compel treatment for frequently detained homeless

By Joshua Sabatini : sfexaminer – excerpt

Mayor London Breed on Thursday vowed to introduce legislation creating a conservatorship program to compel homeless people suffering from mental illness and addiction to undergo treatment after a law allowing the expansion of conservatorship laws was signed into law.

Senate Bill 1045, introduced by Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco), permits San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego Counties to expand conservatorship programs, which can allow a judge to order someone to undergo treatment, including in locked facilities. The law raises questions about the balance between medical care and personal liberties, but also about the strategies The City is using to address the homeless issue…

“Conservatorship needs to be considered carefully and individually, not as a strategy to deal with homelessness,” Lehman said in an email to the San Francisco Examiner. “This has become a political issue about seeing homeless people with mental health disabilities on the streets, and it relies on the false narrative that they choose not to get services.”…


Mystery backers of Trauss, Johnson drop $100k into D6 race

By Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez : sfexaminer – excerpt

A cool $100,000 just dropped like a thud into the hotly contested District 6 supervisors race, aimed squarely at taking out school board member and supervisor candidate Matt Haney.

Haney is running against candidates Christine Johnson, a former planning commissioner, and Sonja Trauss, the firebrand founder of BARF (Bay Area Renters Federation), to see who will represent the Tenderloin, South of Market, South Beach and other neighborhoods in this November’s election..

But rumor has it, the funding is being marshalled by none other than Supervisor Ahsha Safai, who has his eyes set on becoming Board of Supervisors President, i.e. The Head Honcho With All The Power (and the biggest political headaches, but that’s another story). That would be quite a feat for the somewhat-freshman supervisor from District 11, which includes the Ingleside and other south-side neighborhoods… (more)