There is a new SFMTA site and there is a projects sections here:

See other files and new connections here:

Some common questions and answers on how to deal with the SFMTA:

SFMTA Officials

Unlike other departments, the SFMTA Board members cannot be contacted directly, a matter of some concern to many. In order to communicate with the SFMTA Board one must send an email to one or all of the following:
MTA Board mtaboard@sfmta.com  
Sarah B. Jones, SFMTA Planning Director Sarah.Jones@sfmta.com
Tilly Chang, Deputy Director of Planning, SFCTA tilly.chang@sfcta.org

Opinions on proposed street changes may be filed in writing prior to the hearing with:
SFMTA Transportation Engineering, 1 South Van Ness Avenue, 7th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103· 5417.
Written opinions may also be transmitted by fax 10 (415) 701·4737
Email to  sustainable.streets@sfmta.com with subject line “Public Hearing.”

4 thoughts on “SFMTA Site

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  4. All the links don’t work. The Department of Public Works has moved them again. This is the way the city does business. It says it does public outreach, but what it really focuses on is a lack of information and deceiving the public. I have seen meeting notices disappear and emails sent out same day for meetings or important meetings held early in the morning when people have to work. The SFMTA has an agenda that does not include listening to the communities it is supposed to serve.


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