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ACTION ALERT From Livable California!

Help Stop SB 330 & SB 592, Scott Wiener’s New Attack on Your Neighborhood.

Use Livable California’s easy-email “Tell Your Legislator” button to urge legislators to kill state Sen. Scott Wiener’s SB 50. Pubic opposition sidelined SB 50 and Wiener is furious!

Now he is twisting arms in Sacramento to revive SB 50. We expect SB 50 to roar back, and Livable California plans to stop it dead. We’ll let you know when!

But right now, we ask your help in killing two bills: Wiener’s outrageous sneak attempt to pave over neighborhoods, SB 592, and Nancy Skinner’s shocking bill, SB 330, to silence we, the public.

          When you hit ‘send’ on your Oppose Letter below, it will auto-sign your name. It takes 1 minute! And yes, add your own words! Click and send now!

STOP SB 592 – To Send an Oppose SB 592 Email, Click Here  

STOP SB 330 – To Send an Oppose SB 330 Email, Click Here  

Wiener, stung by his SB 50 defeat, has now created a “gut and amend” bill called SB 592. He “gutted” a cosmetology bill and filled it with reckless ideas and luxury developer rewards. Enough!

The fatally flawed SB 592 must be killed in August because:

  • If a city rejects a luxury housing project as too big or too tall, developers can argue that city rules aren’t “economically viable” for them. Incredible!
  • Exports Silicon Valley’s tragedy to everyone: huge luxury dorm projects allowed statewide, destroying neighborhoods that investors want to gentrify with pricey micro-units.
  • Lets developers demolish 1,200-sq-ft homes to build 5,000-sq-ft mansions with 400-sq-ft luxury mini-units. No affordable units required.

The fatally flawed SB 330 must be killed in August because:

  • Nancy Skinner’s luxury housing bill has NO required affordable housing. Zero.
  • SB 330 silences the public, allowing just 5 hearings per project, forcing cities to hoard all 5 hearings for their topmost boards, the Planning Commission and City Council. Goodbye to community councils and local review boards.
  • Allows developers to sue cities for $10,000 to $50,000 per “denied unit” if a city rejects a bad project. Skinner says it “streamlines” housing approvals. No. It will jam up the state courts with housing lawsuits and delays.
  • Trashes local planning, encouraging spot-zoning in which Sacramento hands power to luxury housing developers to decide what, and where, to build.

           Please stay in this fight, folks.  We will not overburden you with requests.

Please forward this to your own List of Concerned Friends. Please contribute to defray our costs of fighting Wiener’s $700,000 windfall contributions from developers: Click Here to Contribute.

Rick Hal, President, Livable California

Support the voice of the public:

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