Stop Forced Density

StopSB50Updated action 
We stopped SB50. SB50 is being cut up into multiple bills and actions in the Senate and the Assembly to curb public input are underway while the media is caught up in the COVID crisis. Follow the above lilnk for regular updates and actions.

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8 thoughts on “Stop Forced Density

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  5. 1) This legislation is very complex and should not be fast-tracked.
    2) Public outreach has been inadequate and more time is needed for review and comment.
    3) The impact of this program on transit must be carefully considered, especially
    increasing housing density before increasing transit capacity.
    4) Protections must be strengthened to prevent demolition of existing mid-block
    6-unit buildings and any RH1/RH2 lot merging with variances for the construction of new 6 to 8-story buildings on blocks with smaller 2 to 3-story homes.

    Nora Blay
    156 6th Avenue

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