AHB History

Videos of public meetings

The Affordable Housing Bonus Program (AHBP) has received a lot of attention lately. The City has provided some detail on the program, but there still remains many unanswered concerns by residents. CSFN has asked the Planning Commission to defer action on the AHBP until the Planning Department has received and integrated feedback from neighborhoods through outreach meetings in each district. CSFN encourages its members to review the Planning Department website and to attend those planning meetings.

Some of our concerns are:

  1. The program was developed over 18 months by the City and developers behind closed doors. There has been little neighborhood involvement and consideration.
  2. Although RH-1 and RH-2 areas are apparently excluded under AHBP, there will still be negative impacts on these residential areas from this program.
  3. The proposed “one size fits all” program completely disregards neighborhood uniqueness.
  4. Residents in rent-controlled units may lose their units – at a minimum temporarily if not permanently.
  5. Local small businesses could lose their leases under incentives that are favorable to developers.

Here is some background material:

  1. CSFN Resolution on the AHBP
  2. CSFN Comments and Questions
  3. Letter from Katheryn Devencenzi
  4. Exhibit A
  5. Exhibit C – The Housing Element
  6. AHBP Summary Handout from Planning