How to fight SFMTA and Win

True success stories from around the Planet:

The whole country is rebelling against, social engineering, forced change, and loss of personal liberties. For a list of many other cities that are fighting this battle do a search for images for “save our neighborhood”

The Coalition to Preserve LA:  LA going to the polls March 7, 2017 to save their neighborhoods. Stay tuned. The outcome could effect the efforts in Sacramento to force development on communities that don’t want it. See this article on the legislation that is in the works now:  The year that local zoning control comes under attack

In Chicago: Funding Roadblock for Bus Rapid Transit in Chicago

Lansing Michigan, has been going through a typical BRT pitch program:
Great coverage and insight from opposition to BRT
in the Midwest:
CATA officials “highly optimistic ” about the future of the BRT
Meridian Township Board of Trustees turns away from CATA’s BRT project

HAPPENING THIS WEEK: CATA to host community presentations on BRT project
Further opposition to CATA bus rapid transit proposal
Lansing Chamber opposes proposed bus plan
Residents voice concerns over BRT at heated meeting
CATA hosts BRT information meetings in Meridian Township
CATA BRT project taking a detour, will now work with public to find resolution
Meridian Township hears from public on CATA BRT plan
Bus Rapid Transit Project raises more concerns
COSTCO gets a thumbs up, BRT continues to get a thumbs down  – “I really think it is a legitimate concern that this board should have, with the fact that they want to run the BRT bus down the center of the road because where do you ever see that? I don’t see that. And the reason is that there are all kinds of handicapped people, blind people and others, who need to get on a bus and that’s why buses go down the side,” Judge Collette said. “So they can get to the bus.
Community raises concerns over bus rapid transit project – “Putting in a hundred and something million dollar bus system just because the federal government will give it to you, doesn’t seem to me to be really worth the effort,” Collette said

More to come. Send in your success stories