A campaign to SUPPORT the breakup of the SFMTA is in order. Riders are getting off the bus and cars are gridlocked.

SFMTA charges riders more for less: The SFMTA has cut service pick-up of patrons to every four blocks without regard for the elderly and disabled, red lined major streets resulting in loss revenue for the small businesses who are being forced out of business.

SFMTA increased congestion to harass car drivers: The SFMTA has mandated an agenda for people to get rid of their cars by cutting parking spaces, redesigning the streets in such a manner to make car congestion so horrible that driving is a nightmare, further justifying their agenda to the public that car use must be limited.  However, the SFMTA has no problem with UBER and Lyft parking in our drive ways, bus stops, or anywhere they need to in the city and now will take out more parking spaces for UBER and Lyft, who are 4,500-5,000 strong, to use to make it easier for them to pick up and drop off customers!!

SFMTA is too big to succeed : The SFMTA has hired over 2,000 employees (most making over $100,000.00) in the last 6 years to do what? Certainly, not to provide more transit vehicles with more seats for people or more bus stops to pick up patrons.  The SFMTA has cut bus stops to every four blocks and ordered subway vehicles with less seating but more room for standing only and bikes without regard to safety issues with cattle-like transit vehicles. We need a Muni department that delivers  consistent, clean, comfortable rides.

The SFMTA has too much concentrated power and must be split.

Please call or e-mail Aaron Peskin at 415/554-7970 (aaron.peskin@sfgov.org) and Ahsha Safai at 415/554-6975 (ahsha.safai@sfgov.org) to support their move for a ballot measure and also call urge them to place a ballot measure for the breakup of the SFMTA for the voters to decide.

We need six supervisors to put the Charter Amendment on the ballot to break up the SFMTA. Urge London Breed, Jane Kim, Norman Yee Sandra Fewer, Hilary Ronen, Malia Cohen, Mark Farrell, Katy Tang, Jeff Sheehy, and all the candidates running for a position at City Hall to support Aaron Peskin and Ahsha Safai to let the voters decide. Contacts for City Hall

Thank you for any consideration you may give our request.

Concerned citizen and former Muni Rider