SB 330 and 592

ACTION – Please Submit your Opposition Letters to SB 330 and SB 592 by Wednesday – Updated with talking points below these instructions

Wednesday is the last day to have your Opposition counted in the all-important committee report that goes to the Assembly Local Government Committee prior to its hearing on both bills July 10. It is important for them to be officially counted in the report.

Send separate letters for each bill and send those both for your Organization (if you have one) and individually by all members of your organization. Organizations matter and number of opposition letters matter, so spread the word to all your contacts.

Each letter should be in a Word or PDF document.

For Organizations:
Use letterhead or create a simple one if you don’t have one.
Address:  Assembly Local Government Committee
Subject: Oppose SB (330 or 592 or list both as appropriate)
Signature: must be a “real” hand written signature. (It’s easy to just have a jpg picture of your signature handy to place at the bottom of each document)

For Individuals:
Again, put in a Word or PDF document, not an email.
Don’t need letterhead
Signature can likely just be typed, but “real” one is better if you can.

To Submit:
You can use the legislative portal, if you choose:
Our lobbyist is again providing the service of receiving opposition letters and submitting them to the committee for us: Simply attach your letters to an email and send to
In the email subject put : “Opposition letters attached”
Update – Background and Talking Points:

Stop state Sen. Scott Wiener’s surprise “gut and amend” SB 592, a bill that he “gutted” of its language about cosmetology and filled with his unvetted plan to jam residential areas with luxury towers, bars and mixed-use businesses.

Stop state Sen. Nancy Skinner’s SB 330, which strips land-use powers from cities statewide, giving that power to for-profit developers. This bill cuts out key public hearings that result in smart plans like affordable units and green spaces.

Neither bill requires a single unit of affordable housing! Skinner merely promises not to reduce housing units, not to add any. Both bills reward gentrification by developers. You can stop these bills by sending your opposition letter now.

Here are some Oppose SB 330 points to choose from :

  • SB 330 cripples public testimony on luxury projects, restricting cities to just 5 public or community hearings, appeals or continuances. This will mean the silencing communities who fight hard for affordable housing.
  • SB 330 bans all plans that decrease luxury housing density, unless a city “upzones” in another area.
  • SB 330 urges developers to sue cities for $10,000 per unit if a luxury project is rejected.

Here are some Oppose SB 592 points you can choose from:

  • If a city rejects a luxury housing project as too big or too tall, developers can push the project through by arguing that such rulings aren’t “economically viable” for them.
  • Imposes Silicon Valley practices statewide: huge dormitory-style luxury projects allowed in single-family and all residential areas. This is spot zoning on steroids and opens the door to destruction of working-class areas eyed by developers for gentrification.
  • At the June San Francisco Planning Commission hearing, residents learned that a developer could demolish a 1,200-sq-ft house and replace it with a 5,000 sq. ft mansion as long as it contained a 400-sq. ft. mini-unit. No affordable units are required.
  • No luxury housing project would have to abide by a city’s General Plan or zoning code, if the size of the building could be squeezed onto the parcel by issuing a “variance” to override setbacks, open space, height limits or other zoning restrictions.
  • Architectural, design, historic, or other aesthetic standards can no long be imposed.

Thanks all! Use the above language or your own! Remember to attach your document(s) in an email and send it to Emily!

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