SF City Legislation

Board of Supervisors
150969 [Planning Code – [HOME-SF Program] formerly titled [Affordable Housing Bonus Programs] Mayor, Katy Tang
161351 [Planning Code – Inclusionary Affordable Housing Fee and Requirements] Jane Kim, Aaron Peskin
170028 [Planning Code, Zoning Map – Calle 24 Special Use District] Mayor, Hillary Ronen
170031 [Retention of Department of Building Records] Aaron Peskin
170158 [Administrative Code – Short-Term Residential Rentals] Aaron Peskin, London Breed
170145 [Hearing – Committee of the Whole – Housing for Families with Children] entire board
170162 [Resolution urging the Planning Commission to Adopt General Plan Amendments Defining Family-Friendly Housing] entire board
170280 [Planning Code – Inclusionary Affordable Housing Fee and Dwelling Unit Mix Requirements] Ahsha Safai, London Breed, Katy Tang

Positions on State bills

170217 [Urging the California State Legislature to Amend the Revenue and Taxation Code to Enable California Local Jurisdictions to Levy a Personal Income Tax and a Corporate Income Tax]

Area Maps
2015-000988CWP MAP 2020
Designs Guidelines
Article Amendments

Planning Department

170129 [Cooperative Agreement – State of California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) – Design and Construction of the Lombard Street Vision Zero Project (State Route 101)]
170139 Transportation Demand Management Program report requested by Fewer, Yee, Cohen