Urban Design Guidelines

New Details on this most complex plan to change the process and priorities within the Planning Department concerning who is notified and when a project goes before the Planning Commission and when it is pushed through by the Planning Department without public review or notice.

The final Draft of the Urban Design Guidelines can be found here:

If this concerns you, send  letter to the Planning Commissioners and Jeff Joslin and John Rahaim requesting a postponement of aproval until after the holidays to give people time to review the final draft.

Jeff Joslin, Jeff.Joslin@sfgov.org
Jonas Ionin, Commission Secretary, jonas.ionin@sfgov.org,
John Rahaim, Planning Director, john.rahaim@sfgov.org,
Rodney Fong, Commission President, planning@rodneyfong.com  
Dennis Richards, Commission Vice President, dennis.richards@sfgov.org
Joel Koppel, Commissioner, joel.koppel@sfgov.org
Myrna Melgar, Commissioner, myrna.melgar@sfgov.org
Rich Hillis, Commissioner, richhillissf@yahoo.com
Christine D. Johnson, Commissioner, christine.d.johnson@sfgov.org
Kathrin Moore, Commissioner, mooreurban@aol.com

To: Planning Commissioners, Jeff Joslin, and John Rahaim

Subject: Please postpone the adoption of the Urban Design Guidelines


re: Please postpone the adoption of the Urban Design Guidelines (UDG), just posted on November 22, 2017”: http://default.sfplanning.org/plans-and-programs/planning-for-the-city/Urban-Design-Guidelines/Urban%20Design%20Guidelines_FINAL_DRAFT.pdf

Posting radical changes at the height of the holiday season when most people are not paying attention to Actions at City Hall does not show good faith and offer much opportunity for community involvement or even awareness of these alterations.

In the past year, the public has raised a number of issues with these guidelines but, as far as we know, they all have been ignored.  In a letter to the Planning Department dated September 25, 2017, the Coalition for San Francisco Neighborhoods (CSFN) outlined many concerns but none of them were addressed and no reply was sent to this letter.  Yet worse, you have scheduled the initiation for adoption of these guidelines at the height of the holiday season when the public will be the least engaged.

That is why we urge you to postpone the adoption phase to a later date in 2018 after the issues raised by the public are addressed.


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Your Neighborhood Association’s Name or group represented if applicable