Supervisors mull ‘caretaker’ mayors to replace London Breed in January

by Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez : sfexaminer – excerpt

Acting Mayor London Breed may not hang onto her gig very long, if some members of the Board of Supervisors have their way.

Though The City has hardly had time to mourn the death of Mayor Ed Lee — may he rest in peace — the supervisors are already considering who may lead San Francisco during a tumultuous election cycle.

Lee’s death accelerated the November 2019 mayor’s race to an incredibly early June 2018, catapulting the potential for early political conflict.

To avoid giving any one mayoral candidate a leg up in the race — including rumored candidates like Breed and supervisors Mark Farrell and Jane Kim — the board may vote to instate a “caretaker” mayor, who would pledge not to run…(more)

Some rather detailed thoughts on the subject and the strategy being contemplated to effect change or at least make change a little more likely as we rush into a much more volatile and active June 2017 ballot due to Mayor Lee’s early departure. The Mayor’s race will add more fuel to the other ballot initiatives and a larger number of people will be voting than we assumed.


Candidates begin to file for SF’s June mayor race

By Joshua Sabatinit : sfexaminer – excerpt

Candidates are already beginning to step forward in the unexpected June 2018 mayor’s race in San Francisco following the death of Mayor Ed Lee on Tuesday.

Amy Farrah Weiss, who unsuccessfully ran against Lee’s re-election bid in 2015, pulled papers Friday to run for mayor in June. Not surprisingly, former state Sen. Mark Leno had pulled papers Thursday to run, after having already launched a campaign to run for mayor in November 2019…

Other lesser known residents have pulled papers to throw their hats into the ring, including Richie Greenberg, who was unsuccessful candidate in the District 1 2016 race for the Board of Supervisors, William Daugherty, who is formerly homeless, and Brianna Elizabeth Varner…

The deadline to file for the June contest is also Jan. 9, by 5 p.m…(more)



How the 2016 races shape up

by Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

Control of the city, and its future, on the line in a year of high-octane, high-stakes politics

DECEMBER 4, 2015 – The next 11 months are going to be a whirlwind of political activity in San Francisco, with control of the city – and potentially its political future – at stake.

The addition of Aaron Peskin to the board gives the progressives a sometimes-if-shaky six-vote majority, but only for a year: Six seats are up on the Board of Supervisors, and three of the most progressive members are termed out.

A high-profile state Senate race will send one supe to Sacramento – and possibly set that person up to run for higher office when Mayor Lee is termed out and Rep. Nancy Pelosi decides to retire.

The first round of the Senate race between Scott Wiener and Jane Kim will come in June – at the same time that progressives will have a chance to take back the local Democratic Party, which is now controlled by real-estate interests.

Add races for School Board and Community College Board during a presidential election year and we’re talking big opportunities to establish new leadership.

Here’s how things are shaping up right now:… (more)

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