Election 2018: SF voters just kicked the YIMBYS right in their backyards. Where do things go from here?

By Joe Eskenazi : missionlocal – excerpt

Laura Foote sat alone in “the clubhouse,” the YIMBY movement’s inner sanctum on Mission Street. Streamers of Pepto Bismol-pink Sonja Trauss fliers, emblazoned with the candidate photogenically staring into the middle distance, still dangled from the ceiling like Christmas decorations. Literature, paraphernalia and window signs for perhaps half-a-dozen San Francisco candidates were stacked on every table…

An organization attempting to transform the way our dysfunctional city does business fritters away its clout when it backs all the wrong horses and antagonizes people. An organization known for the fervency of its volunteers gives pause to even ostensible allies when it gets out-hustled on the ground.(more)




Dean Preston files for D5 supe

by Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

Plus: Progressives rally around Gordon Mar — and a powerful housing measure needs help

We just finished one election cycle, but the next one is already on us – and it’s shaping up as a key test of the newly elected mayor and her allies.

London Breed will take the oath of office July 11, and fairly shortly thereafter, will appoint her replacement for D5 supe. That person will not have to run until 2019, giving them a chance to build a record – but tenant advocate Dean Preston, who came close to unseating Breed in 2016, has already announced he is running for the office.

He’s running as a democratic socialist and will have significant momentum from the passage of Prop. F, which guarantees every tenantwho faces eviction the right to a lawyer. Preston was the initiative sponsor… (more)

Now that D4 is in play, the progressives seem to have agreed to rally around Gordon Mar. Li Miao Lovett, a City College union activist, also filed to run, but this week decided that the progressive movement would be better off with one candidate. So she dropped out and endorsed and will fully support Mar.

Lovett had the support of the Bernicrats and Democratic Socialists of America, two groups of (mostly) young and (very) well organized activists who played a huge rule in the June passage of the tenant right-to-counsel law and the defeat of the Police Officers Association Taser measure…(more)


Election update, Day 4: Progressives solidify gains

By Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

Will the old guard at the DCCC make one last play to cling to power?

The latest round of election results continues yesterday’s pattern: It now appears that the progressive Reform Slate is guaranteed at least 15 seats on the Democratic County Central Committee…

And it leaves open the possibility that the incumbents may try any number of dirty tricks to hold onto power. This isn’t just academic – the DCCC will have a significant influence on the fall elections for supervisors, which is why Big Tech and the real-estate industry poured so much money into these down-ticket races

There’s already an item on the agenda for the DCCC June 15 meeting that would allow the lame-duck panel – the groups that the voters have rejected – to make early endorsements for supervisor. That’s just disgraceful.

It’s almost as if the DCCC is some old-school dictatorship where the corrupt incumbents who get ousted at the ballot refuse to leave office. Message to Mary Jung: To quote President Obama, elections matter. You lost… (more)