What is PDR?

What is PDR?

Some have been concerned that the city is trying to preserve old-fashioned, smoke-stack industry. This is not the case. The Planning Department has adopted the term Production, Distribution and Repair or PDR to refer to the very wide variety of activities which have traditionally occurred and still occur in our industrially zoned areas.

  • PDR businesses and workers prepare our food
  • print our books
  • produce the sounds and images for our movies
  • take people to the airport
  • arrange flowers
  • set theatrical stages
  • build houses and offices
  • pick up our mail and garbage
  • PDR includes arts activities
  • performance spaces
  • furniture wholesaling
  • and design activities.

In general, PDR activities, occurring with little notice and largely in the Eastern Neighborhoods, provide critical support to the drivers of San Francisco’s economy, including:

  • the tourist industry
  • high tech industry
  • financial and legal services

PDR businesses also tend to provide stable and well-paying jobs for the 50% of San Francisco residents who do not have a college degree.

Why do PDR businesses need protection through zoning? There are several reasons why San Francisco, like many other large U.S. cities, is considering providing protection for PDR activities through zoning changes in some areas.

1 ) Competition for land:San Francisco has very limited land available and because current zoning permits almost any activity in an industrial zone, residential and office uses, which can afford to pay far more to buy land, have been gradually displacing PDR activities.

2) Land use conflicts: Some (though certainly not all) PDR businesses use large trucks, stay open late, make noise or emit odors. As residences and offices locate adjacent to these PDR businesses more frequently, conflicts arise, sometimes forcing the PDR businesses to curtail operations or even leave the city.

Eastern Neighborhood Zoning Guide: Matrix

Zoning definitions: Code Section: 31
PDR Replacement using Integrated PDR Effective Interpretation: To help preserve viable industrial buildings and maintain PDR space and the character of PDR Districts, Section 231 requires that demolished industrial buildings in PDR Districts be replaced by buildings containing a specific minimum amount of new industrial uses. Section 231 was established as part of the Bayview Rezoning Process and does not account for Integrated PDR uses which were created along with the more recent Eastern Neighborhoods Plan. Integrated PDR uses, despite being generally considered industrial, contain less square footage specifically devoted to conventional PDR activities than traditional industrial uses. Accordingly, Integrated PDR will be allowed to satisfy the replacement PDR requirements of Section 231 only in cases where at least twice the square footage of Integrated PDR space is provided relative to what would be required if the replacement space were typical PDR space.