Stop SB50


SB 50 is a Real Estate not a Housing Bill for the Affordable Housing that California needs.

To get to our SB50 impact map go to

After losing SB 827 last year, Senator Wiener has increased his attack on California residents by doubling down on efforts to control our communities from Sacramento.

Irate citizens are organizing efforts against SB50. Follow the action here. More bills are coming.

History of the struggle in San Francisco to retain our local culture and protect our neighborhoods from forced density and gentrification:

[Planning Code – Affordable Housing Bonus Programs] as of today:

Most of us want to preserve San Francisco from changes that are coming too fast too soon. We need a time out. Nothing City Hall has done so far has protected residents, artists and small businesses in San Francisco. Already the state has passed a plan to incentivize developers to build more dense housing, using the transportation corridors as their excuse.

We do not feel that this is a humane or sustainable approach to solving the problem, but will exacerbate it, throwing more of people out of their homes. IF YOU AGREE SIGN OUR PETITION:

People are set up meetings in their neighborhood to discus how the plan will effect them and determine what to do. The Planning Commission has paused this to give themselves and the public time to study the proposals.

Some Amendments may be made during the public comments phase. Please watch for notices of these and check with this link for updates on the CSFN website as the Neighborhood groups attempt to keep up with changes and alterations to the plan as they come up:

District 1 Richmond District:
Part 1 – Planning Dept. presentation: 
Part 2 – Community input : Peter Cohen, Jason Jungreis
Part 3 – Audience Question and Answer:

District 1: (second meeting)  January 23, 2016, Richmond Recreation Center
Part 1:   Introduction and Supervisor Eric Mar
Part 2: [not loaded]
Part 3:   – Planning Department Presentation with some Q and A.
Part 4:  Peter Cohen, Angelica Cabande
Part 5:    Peter Cohen, Angelica Cabande, Kearstin Dischinger, more  Q and A.

District 2 – Marina District:
Part 1 – Introduction (Supervisor Farrell, SF Planning Dept):
Part 2 – Presentation with some Community Q and A:
Part 3 – Community Q and A:
Part 4:  Community Q and A:

District 3:  January 14, 2016
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Links to videos from the Sunset Community meeting in District 4:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Links to videos from the District 5 meeting:
Part 1:   Introduction by D 5 legislative aide
Part 2:  Planning Department presentation  with some audience Q and A
Part 3:  public Q and A

SF Planning at SPUR:
Part 1:  – presentation (see Powerpoint attached for the SF Planning Department section of the presentation)
Part 2:  – Q and A

These are the latest files sent via Sunshine request. They are big files.


The State Bonus Density Law has resulted in such disturbing concepts as:  400-square-foot-two-bedroom units. For on-site servants, large pets or robots? We have heard about the bunk beds some are renting out.

How much smaller will the units get if San Francisco passes this plan that would expand the concept of per unit bonuses? Affordable Housing Bonus Program

THE PLANNING DEPARTMENT SOLUTION: The plan is simple. Landowners who elect to build affordable units on their properties will be allowed to build higher and denser housing on their lots. As they add more affordable units their height and density may go up.

Do you want your neighbor building a taller denser building next door in violation of current planning rules, taking advantage of this program, blocking out sunlight, intruding upon your privacy and encroaching on your back yard, bringing more cars and traffic to your neighborhood? If this goes through you will lose control of your neighborhood and streets.
These projects may by-pass the Planning Commissioner hearings and your only option may be to appeal or sue.

THE AFFORDABLE HOUSING BONUS PROGRAM IS PLANNED FOR THE ENTIRE CITY: Areas included in the Affordable Housing Bonus Program would expand to neighborhoods that have been untouched by the rush to build up until now. The plan is to remove all restrictions from limitations on developers as fast as possible. The maps show intrusions into every neighborhood, from the Ocean to the Bay.

The Affordable Housing Bonus Program (AHP) would allow developers to build two stories taller than they’re allowed in designated residential districts in exchange for adding additional affordable units. The “bonuses” could include reductions in rear yard open space, air and light exposure, heights, parking, e.g. A 100% affordable housing project could get a bonus of 3 stories higher than current zoning. For a real good picture of the projects, and how they would effect your neighborhood, see the David Baker Residential Density Bonus Study.

FAST-TRACKING: We are alarmed by plans to fast-track this through the legislature without proper public comment or approval of the neighborhoods effected by these major changes in City Zoning Codes.

LACK OF PUBLIC INPUT: The Affordable Housing Bonus Program (AHP) was designed by the City Planning Department in conjunction with some affordable housing advocates over the last 18+ months, but most neighborhood groups and residents were left out of the process.

LACK OF NOTICE: No notice was given about the Mayor’s Affordable Housing Bonus Program to citizens who are signed up to get such notice; and no property owners have been mailed any notices regarding this new plan.

Citizens first became aware of the program when this article was posted on August 11, 2015.

NO EIR REQUIRED: No full EIR is planned for program; instead, the EIR will rely on the 2014 Housing Element EIR, seen as “legally defensible.”

Links to details are they emerge: httL://

MAPS :  

New map that appears to indicate “soft spots”: Affordable Housing Bonus Program Web Map

Under Current Priority Development Areas


Under Proposed Affordable Housing Bonus Program (AHBP)


Under the Transportation Priority Areas Plan


8 thoughts on “Stop SB50

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  5. 1) This legislation is very complex and should not be fast-tracked.
    2) Public outreach has been inadequate and more time is needed for review and comment.
    3) The impact of this program on transit must be carefully considered, especially
    increasing housing density before increasing transit capacity.
    4) Protections must be strengthened to prevent demolition of existing mid-block
    6-unit buildings and any RH1/RH2 lot merging with variances for the construction of new 6 to 8-story buildings on blocks with smaller 2 to 3-story homes.

    Nora Blay
    156 6th Avenue

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