Election 2020: A breakdown of San Francisco’s March ballot measures

By Dominic Fracassa : sfchronicle – excerpt

San Francisco voters will have five ballot measures to consider at the polls on March 3, and the city’s Elections Department assigned each an identifying letter Monday…

Proposition A: Decades of deferred maintenance has left several City College campuses in dire need of renovation, according to Prop. A’s supporters… The measure would allow the city college district to sell $845 million in bonds… The measure needs a 55% majority to pass…

Proposition B: As part of the city’s ongoing efforts to ensure San Francisco can rebound and rebuild after the Big One,.. The measure needs a two-thirds supermajority to pass…

Proposition C: Prop. C seeks to ensure that employees of the San Francisco Housing Authority can access their city retirement medical benefits if they found another city job following the agency’s collapsein March… simple majority needed to pass…

Proposition D: With so many San Francisco neighborhoods beset by a rash of empty storefronts, Prop. D would tax property owners who keep ground-floor space in certain commercial districts vacant… measure passes with a two-thirds supermajority…

Proposition E: Prop. E, which needs a simple majority to pass, would restrict future office development if San Francisco fails to meet state-mandated affordable housing goals…

Big name officials crowd race for tiny Democratic Party board

By Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez : sfexaminer – excerpt

The San Francisco Democratic Party campaign clown car is rollin’ once again.

Three years ago, I skewered San Francisco progressive and moderate Democrats — both — for running big names like John Burton, Angela Alioto and Tom Ammiano for the little-known San Francisco Democratic Party board.

Now both sides are back at it again.

For 24 open seats on the board, there’s a whopping 56 candidates running for an election this coming March, during the presidential primaries.

Those candidates are a who’s-who of SF politicos: Carole Migden, a former supervisor, assemblymember and state senator; current BART board president and former supervisor Bevan Dufty; soon-to-be unseated interim District Attorney Suzy Loftus; soon-to-be unseated Supervisor Vallie Brown — even Public Defender Mano Raju is running.

Current members of the Board of Supervisors are also getting in on the game: Supervisors Hillary Ronen, Rafael Mandelman, Ahsha Safai and Matt Haney have all thrown their hats into the ring…(more)

Walgreens on 16th Street BART Plaza shutting down after Christmas

By Abraham Rodriguez : missionlocal – excerpt

The Walgreens at 1979 Mission St., next to the 16th Street BART Station, will close its doors for good on Dec. 26, bringing another empty storefront to the northern part of the transit plaza.

Walgreens staff posted a notice on the front doors of the store this week, notifying patrons this Christmas would be the store’s last.

The store’s assistant store manager, who identified himself as Neilvin, told Mission Local that he was informed of the news last week.

“I came back from vacation, and they told me they were closing down,” Neilvin said. “I don’t know the specific reasons, that was all I got from my store manager.”…(more)

Press Release from Supervisor Mar’s Office

Supervisor Gordon Mar Pushes for Fixes to SB 50 and Resources for Equitable Local Community Planning

Amendments to legislation support local planning for more affordable housing, protections against displacement and gentrification

San Francisco — At Thursday’s Government Audit and Oversight committee meeting of the Board of Supervisors, Supervisor Gordon Mar reaffirmed San Francisco’s objections to Senate Bill 50 and advocated for significant changes to the bill should it move forward, including exemptions for local community planning, increased affordability requirements, and more robust protections against displacement. SB 50, authored by State Senator Scott Wiener, would upzone large parts of San Francisco without community input or increased affordable housing requirements. It was put on hold in the state legislature earlier this year following the passage of Mar’s resolution opposing the measure, but is expected to return in January…

Please read the entire press release below. We anticipate resolutions regarding SB50 will by sent to the Full Board in the near future. Stay tuned for further actions on this bill.

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Open letter to Board of Supervisors to Oppose SB50

December 5, 2019

Supervisor Mar,

re: Please oppose SB50 and its successors.

Thank you for your hard work to attempt to amend the impossible SB50 bill that so many San Francisco  residents oppose. Scott Wiener has managed to do the impossible and unite a wide range of political rivals in opposing his newest anti local government bill that seeks to override local jurisdiction over zoning and development decisions.

I am sorry I could not attend in person, but, I would like to voice my opinion and concern and those of most of my Mission neighbors in opposing SB50.

Listening to one of the supporters of SB50 list all the various professions that support the bill was most informative. He listed all the development and construction related jobs that are on overdrive since the state started dictating zoning and development overreach in the local communities. These jobs are not at risk. These are the jobs that are creating the largest wealth divide in the national and killing the jobs we need to keep our diversified population employed and housed.

Please continue to fight for local jurisdiction over development and zoning in our communities and do not give up to the wealthy outside investments who are buying our cities and taking over control of our lives in ways that were until recently unfathomable. Please demand a robust community involvement in all new construction projects. We must stop the push to gentrify and increase the value of property without limits in order to close the wealth gap. The voters for you because they trust you to protect them and their interest in their city. Please don’t disappoint them. Stand up to the developers the way your supporters did when they voted for you.

Carve outs are not the answer. Please oppose SB50 and all similar bills that decrease local public voices in the planning process.


Mari Eliza, concerned citizen

cc: the Board of Supervisors and Clerk of the Board

Supes to vote on Wiener’s development bill

By Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt (includes map)

SB 50, critics say, would lead to widespread displacement, on the scale of the now-discredited Redevelopment of the 1960s

A Board of Supes committee will decide Thursday [December 5] whether to oppose state Sen. Scott Wiener’s SB 50– and at this point, there are eight votes to say No.

That’s enough to override a veto by Mayor Breed, who has been supportive of Wiener’s approach to housing.

It’s safe to say a wide range of community housing and anti-gentrification groups are going to speak in opposition to SB 50. Here’s what John Elberling, who runs Todco, told us:

Weiner and his allies know full well that the “market forces” SB 50 would unleash — while enriching property owners everywhere — will drive the mostly-minority communities of the Bay Area’s central cities out of existence. Look at what is happening to the Mission’s Latino Community right now. Look at the one-time African-American neighborhood of West Oakland…

Less than half of the Mission District would be protected, even for that short time. And as Elberling points out, “developers and speculators will keep buying buildings there anyway, knowing that they can cash in soon enough.”

The hearing starts at 10am in City Hall Room 263.

They are fine with that…(more)